Custom Orders

Want me to turn your ratty old t-shirt into a back patch? Here's how. 

Email me at with the following information. 

Your usual or preferred tag size. 

Whether you are looking for a traditional women's cut or men's cut. 

Chest measurement, Length requirements. 

Color preference

Type of garment you want. ( flannel, denim jacket, hoodie etc) 

If you're local  (Hampton Roads, VA) to me we can schedule a pick up of your shirt(s) to be used. If not I can send you shipping info. 

Once I have the information the turn around time is roughly 2 weeks for me to source you a garment, sew and ship. 

Price: Standard price $30 for flannels and $45 for jackets, taxes and shipping not included. . Price is based on how much detail is in the project. These are base prices for a simple back patch. Invoice will include taxes and shipping based on weight. 

Other garments (pants, skirts etc)- Email for requests and quotes.